We are friends, acquaintances and siblings who share a vision of progress and creativity focused on the adequate and eloquent development of innovative messages and proposals through current media. That simple.

In order to avoid the clichés regarding trust, friendship and responsibility, we refer  to abstract the abstract, popular and innocently revealing philosophy of the 80’s group, Objetivo Birmania, (with a minor modification): My friends’ friends are my friends.


Alvaro Jose Camacho, as shown in his passport, and Graphic Manager as stated in his business card. He is Grite’s right hemisphere;  he is the creative, the artist of countless ideas applied to everything that comes to mind: graphic design, literature, literary design, web, interactive programs, names, stories … Within the team, he is the one who has earned the most awards. He also has great skills and is an excellent management team coordinator, lives in Mexico City, and controls the group of Central and North America … And last but not least, he is unbelievably lucky:  any raffle he buys, he wins.


Maria Andrea Camacho is Grite’s left hemisphere, the orchestra director: she synchronizes all the what’s needed for projects flawless execution: she understands customer needs, gets project briefings, selects freelancers and suppliers, distributes tasks, assigns work, is always supervising the project developments, makes final deliveries and follows up. She does not miss a thing, and is always aware of each project status. She also enjoys writing and developing brainstorming sessions with Aljota, to see what comes out of it, and makes sure that great ideas come to reality…


His feet are firmly planted on the ground and his responsibility is to make sure the company works properly and is profitable. He takes care of all administrative issues, banking, invoices, lawyers, taxes and much more, but since everybody here does a bit of everything, he is also the Company’s commercial director and looks for new customers he finds and deals with.


He is genius, and was born programmed to program.  He is an information systems engineer and created his own company, developing  one of the most versatile, complete and attractive content management software in the market. His blood is PHP +, does not let himself be defeated before anything,  and when he does not know something he researches until he finds the answer or otherwise, he does he develops it.


Also a genius. He decided to study electrical engineering at the Universidad Distrital looking to quench the thirst for innovation and invention. Completely passionate about video games since he was about 5 years to the point that when he had an opportunity for career growth in one of the nation’s outstanding financial institutions, he decided instead to learn how to make video games and multimedia experiences. He is a Magicbit venture partner.

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